US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Victim's Perspective

Victims are Abused for Benefit of Military Intelligence


People don't care about the sex trafficked victims of the United States Governments because they are made to think we are wiling, addicts or otherwise. I was never a willing victim.

Women and their children are trafficked by the US police. We do not have a choice. Me and my daughter are victims of Epstein's who had no family we could rely on and were abused in a severe form of trafficking. 

A victim is by definition not willing. I know every second while I was being trafficked it was not a choice. It was forced, coerced and obtained by fraud, drugging, rape, and abduction for two weeks. Police protection turned into me being trapped in an apartment under surveillance in College Park, MD... stripped of my schooling, career, education and ability support my children.

Being trafficked is not a choice regardless of what people think. The fact is people care more about the people who committed the crime than the actual victims.


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