US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed





Media has verified I was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein in 2002. My education was stolen from The Catholic University of America to trap me in Epstein's network. 

Being sex trafficked was not my free will choice. It was coerced by United States Government Officials. I remain under the control of a US Government Official that worked with the CIA and USAF on DARPA and Project Blue Book. He has been an intricate part of the control and manipulation to traffic me. He is keping in a campground under duress on the verge of homelessness.

I have been contacted by Ronan Farrow who told me to get counseling. I am called crazy by media and the Department of Justice because they are involved in the coverup, however my case has been proven to people who are paying attention. 

I am left to suffer abuse of a misinformed public and corrupt elite. I have sought justice and been denied for nearly twenty years. I was held for a year in solitary confinement during the election of Joe Biden under false charges that were later dropped. 

My daughter was murdered in 2017. She was an underage victim of Jeffrey Epstein's. The police, District Attorneys, FBI that were involved profited. The fact that she was murdered was covered up. 

The Jeffrey Epstien, Ghislaine Maxwell, Ed Norris, Harvey Weinstein, Theodore Khleborod, and Alexandre Cazes cases are related to us; As well as the 2006 DC Madam case. The media and Department of Justice have staged Hollywood mock fraud trials to coverup their human trafficking sex rings. 

They hide the fact that me and my family are victims. I witnessed the people that aided and abetted be rewarded by receiving roles in the media's coverup stories. I have been retaliated against without any way to make it stop.

Epstein and Windsor operated a sex trafficking ring in Washington D.C. That has been covered up. I have shared some people I remember to inform the public of the truth. 

I tell the truth so the truth of this coverup is known. It is not for attention or money, otherwise I would have shut up. 

In Loving memory of my daughter aisha Kathleen zughhbeigh-collins

*As a living testament and will declared herein by Jessica leigh -collins: If anything happens to me, all of my property is to become property of my living child. No property is to go to a man called/named Collin Alan Snook, as he and I have never cohabited, and the USA Courts will not allow a divorce, although I have attempted 3-4 times in Nevada, Maryland, Los Angeles, or Virginia. I presume this is intended so that the State can recover any last remaining evidence that they have not already stolen that prove of my claims are true. 

*Please be patient as this site in under construction and return for updates. The best place for information and updates in Twitter link.  These facts are intended for my book, however that has been made impossible due to the retaliation for speaking out.