US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed



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News and Intelligence agency

 Joe Galvin contacted me on September 06, 2019, three days after I made the video about Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew Windsor and "The DC Madam". He interviewed me for about an hour. He stated he no doubt that I am a victim of Epstien's after he asked a few questions that seemed to be a test to determine whether someone is an actual victim. He agreed I should have my day in court, and asked if he could put me in touch with his editor, and associate from The Sun. 


TruNews reporter Edward Szall contacted me on September 09, 2019, six days after I posted video testimony that I know Jeffrey Epstein's ring is associated with "The DC Madam" in news stories from 2006Ed asked for me an interview. He stated if I had the evidence I said I had... I had the "smoking gun". He was interested in seeing the bank transfers from my handler, and the Jerry Falwell Bible I own from a man that worked for her. He listened to recordings before things went further to confirm my story was true. He then asked if he could record our interview and I gave my consent. He stated he would help me investigate my claims, and provide the corroborated evidence to the public. He ran a license plate from a Ferrari owned by one of my professed clients. They discovered it was owned by a corporation in Wisconsin. TrueNews paid for my hotel and recorded two and a half hours of video testimony. They agreed to provide me with a copy and backed out of their agreement once it was recorded. I posted video of Ed Szall stating I could have a copy of the testimony prior to taping, and a second video showing Ed Szall state, after the recording was over, that I could not have a copy. Ed Szall confirmed my testimony of Joe Biden in person. He told me that a particular man who contacted me in 2003, was likely a doctor from the Northeast, he knew by name, who was doing studies on supposed escorts. Ed was interested in the fact that I was given the beta version of Google Voice before its public release. Ed Szall saw everything he said was the "smoking gun" before they recorded my testimony. Rick is not being honest. I never stated I was a CIA sex slave. I first read that term in their Memo. At that point, I referred to myself as a sex trafficked victim. It was upsetting to be called a sex slave, although the term is accurate. Ed Szall said the most important thing for him to see was the bank account. Ed saw my bank account, and the most recent transfer of seventeen thousand dollars deposited in an Albuquerque, New Mexico branch. Rick told the truth when he stated I would not give them my handlers name. I would not. Ed saw the Jerry Falwell Bible and took photographs. He saw the license plate registered to the business in Wisconsin, and commented on how the registry was similar to the vehicles owned by Epstein at the New Mexico "Zorro Ranch". Zorro Ranch is 50 minutes from Albuquerque where my handler lives. This was my first introduction to the corruption in media. They acquired my testimony against our agreement, and instead provided me with a written digital auto-transcription that was inaccurate and missing information.  

*I am uncertain why Rick Wiles was compelled  to include that I was the second victim to contact them within a few days, nor that the other victim was rambling and incoherent. It does however, raise the issues of doubt, and insanity, or substance abuse at the beginning of their Memorandum Re: Jessica Collins. Below is a version of the TruNews Memorandum with edits to make it truthful.  


Anonymous Stalker Fraud

Raine Drops appear to be a Chinese sex slave in the US with reason to fabricate libel and fraud.

Fabricated DC Madam Ad

This is a very serious criminal libelous fabrication of the DC Madam ad. 

The actual ad looked like any classified ad in newsprint. There was no explicit indication it was an "escort service". It was three lines long and stated "Must be 23 years old. Must have at least two years education. Must have proportionate body". That "must have proportionate body seemed odd, but I had no way of knowing it was for a sex trafficking ring run by the CIA. 

Fabricated libel by anonymous Raine Drops.

The above image shows what the actual DC Madam ad appeared.

The anonymous who calls herself 'Raine Drops' writer of an extensive amount of fraud that only supports the medias lies about Epstein's ring being the same ring as The DC Madam appear to by a young woman that is herself a sex trafficked vicimd, however she is the dangerous type that will cross the line and traffic children due to the fact she lack morals and honor. 

I have not had a chance to read through her thread reader. It was first published the day I was drugged and raped in Accomack County. I was subsequently arrested at a trail that was closed to the public due to the COVID National Emergency called one month prior. I was held in jailed under false charges for one year and all dropped were dropped to make it appear I was insane rather than what I was, a political prisoner. The fabrication of this ad is something she should be doing prison time for, however this Government is more corrupt than people realize, and many more will have to find out due to criminals such as this woman Raine Drops who will commit crime for profit. 

The actual Washington DC City Paper Ad read:

"Must be at least 23 years old. Must have two years education. Must have proportionate body." (with a phone number XXX-XXXX)

What I answered unknowingly was recruitment for the "DC Madam", Deborah Palfrey. and her CIA sex trafficking recruitment through fraud that was connected to Jeffrey Epstein because he was one of the first people I was trafficked to in Bethesda, Maryland in, or about October of 2002. 


Next News Network

Ronan Farrow

Laura Loomer

The Sun

Ed Opperman

You Tube

While I was being jailed and silenced through the 2020 Presidential elections, a few months before release, my You Tube Channel where I posted my testimony, was deleted. You Tube has committed fraud and treason by suppressing my testimony. The only truth in the  statement below from You Tube is that my testimony threatens the criminal organizations that aid and abet sex trafficking i.e. The Government and media, which includes all You Tubers recording in comfort. 

I had no idea until after I was jailed as a political prisoner that The Sun is a gossip magazine. Anyone that thinks Sex Trafficking is entertainment or gossip, is misinformed. If I had known ahead of time, I might not have spoken to them. These are serious issues that require the proper attention and regard. 

*Please be patient as this site in under construction and return for updates. The best place for information and updates in Twitter link.  These facts are intended for my book, however that has been made impossible due to the retaliation for speaking out.