US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed



(1) Alphabay -Owner Alexandre Cazes Suicide

Alexandre Cazes allegedly killed himself in a Thailand jail five months after my daughters murder. The DOJ has not admitted that Dark Market website he allegedly created, and operated, was shut down by use of the information my daughter gave to me. 

In the press conference announcing the shutdown Jeff Session mentions my daughter first because the information I gave them was used for the alleged bust. I happened upon this information four months after the press conference because the DOJ has lied about the victims identities to maintain their fraud.    

The FBI and related organizations acquired houses, cars, and ฿100 million in cryptocurrency. It's safe to presume the assets went to development of a replacement Dark Market Site.  

(2) DC Madam - Deborah Palfrey Suicide 

In 2008, Deborah Palfrey, allegedly hung herself after receiving a guilty verdict. She was the alleged operator of a escort agency in Washington DC called Pamela Martin agency.

I believe with good reason Deborah Palfrey resurfaced as a woman called Jenny Moore in 2017, as an FBI agent from California.

Jenny Moore, also allegedly died, died approximately two weeks after I contacted her and her friend, George Webb, at their hotel 15 minutes down the street from my home. The two were allegedly You Tuber's investigating the Clintons pedophilia trafficking ring in Washington DC. George Webb blocked me from his channel just before her death, as openly insisted in his channel Jenny Moore was Debrah Palfrey the DC Madam. 

Media and the DOJ left out many important "clients" that I was trafficked to. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Joe Albritton, Jeffrey Epstien, Andrew Windsor, Joe Biden, to name a few. Their articles are a coverup of the most important facts. 

I was trafficked for nearly twenty years. I rarely, if ever saw any news, and did not know who I was being trafficked to. I realized these things after my daughter was murdered, and I became investigating what happened. 

(3) Jeffrey Epstein - Jail Suicide - NYPD 

Jeffrey Epstein and Andrew Windsor are the first people I was trafficked to by the DC Madam, after I was raped by the Attorney that interviewed me.

Johnathan Luna, the District Attorney that drove me to their hotel in Bethesda, MD died one year later.

Victims of Epstein's were asked to call New York FBI. I explained to agents that I had been trafficked to Jeffrey and Andrew Windsor by the DC Madam in 2002.

I recorded the calls, made over approximately a month, and found them scrabbled. Some of the audio was intelligible however, the key sound bites I would have shared with the public were deleted. Destruction of incriminating evidence has been a reoccurring tactic used by DOJ in the cases where I am a victim. It is not in my favor to have missing evidence.  

(4) Theodore Khleborod - Jail Suicide - NC

Theodore Khleborod and Anna Barrero were arrested with 43 pounds of a synthetic opioid called "Pink" or U-477000. They sold the drug through the Alphabet site. 

Anna Barerro was sentenced to 15 years without parole to a posh prison in West Virginia. I suspect, but haven't checked to see if it might be the one Martha Stewart served time in. 

Theodore was studying to be a doctor in the United States, coming from Moldova, next to Ukraine. He was caught firing a gun into someones home, and the charges were dropped by the State, although there were witnesses. 

The drugs they sold were used by another Russian in Portland, Oregon to murder my daughter. The Russian in Oregon was never investigated. Instead, he was protected by police, and the medical industry because of his entirely robotic artificial heart. 

He claimed to have amnesia when we watched my daughter died, and was never questioned further. 

Anna Barrero currently resides at "Camp Cupcake" in West Virginia, where Martha Stewart, and other celebrity criminals enjoy a college campus like environment, with freedom to roam from building to building in their own clothes, concerts, yoga classes, and meditation. 

Police Chief Ed Norris DC Madam Epstein Connection

Trafficking by Police and Attorneys

I was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstien and Andrew Windsor by  Johnathan Luna. He was a District Attorney of Baltimore who was murdered in association with Baltimore Chief Police Edward T. Norris. 

Ed Norris was rewarded for his involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's political blackmail ring in Washington D.C. by receiving a contract to act in the television show The Wire. He was sentenced to prison, however I doubt he served time behind bars. The media is lying about these cases. 

While he was in office he received over $200,000 in funds for surveillance equipment. I believe that was used in the sex trafficking blackmail operations.

I was moved in December of 2002 into an apartment by police from Catholic University in Washington D.C. to an apartment by Maryland by University of Maryland. I called the police on one of their associates who barricaded himself in my apartment with my laptop. He later blackmailed Government Officials. They met at the Pentagon to discuss the matter but my handler won't tell me what he knows.

At the apartment, where I was trafficked, I witnessed the door across the hall ajar. As the door closed, I could see into the apartment. There was no furniture, except black boxes on a stand that resembled VCR's. 

All three forms, coercion, force and threats were used against me by the Government. No one's been held accountable to me, or my family. Instead, I was hidden to be trafficked against my will since 2002.

Children are used as leverage to traffic and rape women using law enforcement. I have been setup and maliciously prosecuted. Then raped under duress, or threat by United States of America Government Officials.

The first case I was involved in was 1996. I was 18 when I wore a wire into prove a Government Officials was raping me by threatening my child with Child Protective Services. He was convicted... however, my testimony was withheld from records to coverup the threat he made to my child. 

These crimes against me have been covered up since I was little by the Department of Justice.

I have a handler that is contracted by the CIA who keeps me under duress and manipulates through impoverishment. According to TruNews, a Military Intelligence Media Agency, I am a CIA sex slave.

United States Government Officials have profited from trafficking us.

They revictimized us repeatedly, and covered up their crime in some of the largest fraud and corruption cases obfuscated by US Government Officials, who own and traffic sex slaves in The United States of America by use of law enforcement.  

Jeffrey Epstein, Ed Norris, Ghislaine Maxwell, Harvey Winestein, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden are Government Contractors involved in sex trafficking.

There is little hope for any sex trafficked victim when criminals are afforded the opportunity to publish books, while their victims voices are suppressed.

The sex trafficking connection between Epstein and Washington D.C. is not being reported by media. 

The media and Department of Justice have staged fraudulent trials to coverup their crime.

Silenced for 2020 Election of Perpetrator Joe Biden 

Accomack County, VA Fraud - Political Imprisonment

January 24, 2020, four months after I spoke out about Jeffrey Epstein, I was drugged and raped. The man was a drug dealer supported by local Accomack County, Virginia law enforcement. (*As of January 2022 I learned he was arrested -(unrelated). I suspect a coverup to refute my claim. He formally stated on record to be a friend of Judge Vincent and Accomack County Police Department).  

I reported the crime within hours however, my complaints were ignored, and a fraudulent case was brought against me to keep me in jail for year through the election of Joe Biden who took me to Manzanillo, Mexico in 2003.

The finial order was signed by Judge William Revell Lewis, District Attorney J. Spenser Morgan, and hired private Attorney S.W. Dawson. The fraudulent document (1) uses the wrong name: JESSICA LEE COLLINS (2) states "who was present in court throughout the proceeding". 

I was not present. The hearing held prior to my release was held in secret. I was not notified of its occurrence. It was held without me, and without my knowledge. 

The audio recording I made at the first trial May 31, 2020 was deleted by Accomack County Sheriffs Office who took possession of the devise after the eight hour trial that was closed to the public due to COVID-19 Emergency declaration.

I was held in solitary confinement for a year. The guards were brutal, and abusive. Phone calls, showers, food, sunlight and sexual assault occurred. I was made to sleep on the floor with other peoples feces and blood. They attempted to force drug me. I was finally released when my CIA handler, Joseph Auletta wrote a letter to judge explains I was trafficked by the DC Madam, and was not insane. 

Regardless, I am still under attack by the County of Accomack County who are aiding in theft current theft of my home, and property. 

Trafficking Law

Jeffrey Epstein's Ring is Operated by US Government 

Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, defines severe forms of trafficking as:

(A) sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud or coercion, [...]

(B) the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

Coercion - I was moved from The Catholic University of America, in assocaition with Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, and Maryland State Police, into an apartment where I was sex trafficked against my will. This came about after I called 911 on the man that abducted and drugged me at an apartment rented by the DC Madam in Kingstowne-Alexandria, Virginia. Police held me outside my apartment for approximately an hour while he downloaded a key logger on my computer.  

Fraud - It is fraud to solicit recruitment for an illicit sex trafficking ring under the guise of legal employment. Jeffrey Epstein's ring placed advertisement in the Washington D.C. City Paper. The newspaper publication was distributed on the campus of CUA. The crime becomes treason when it is committed by Government Officials. 

Force - Police are a force. Baltimore Police Chief Edward T. Norris trafficked victims for The DC Madam and Jeffrey Epstein. I was driven by his associate, District Attorney Johnathan Luna to a hotel in Bethesda, Maryland to Jeffrey Epstien and Andrew Windsor. Arrangements were made by police for an apartment in College Park, Maryland. 

*Please be patient as this site in under construction and return for updates. The best place for information and updates in Twitter link.  These facts are intended for my book, however that has been made impossible due to the retaliation for speaking out.