US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Staged Suicides

The Truth 

People don't recognize the truth because the media and Department of Justice are involved in these crimes. They cannot tell the truth because part of their job is to deceive and control people minds.

The truth is that both agencies are involved in the coverup and suppression of the most serious crimes of drug, weapon, and human trafficking. That is why there is so much hidden in their own stories, and they are drawn out over for time for convulsion, and maximum profit. The truth I share is convoluted by the criminals to hide their own crime. 

The public is shown what people think the truth ought to look like, to align with peoples knowledge and morals, but what is actually underneath are the real victims that stay hidden. The truth dissolves their power so it is used like milk to fuel those agencies that hold power and control over the peoples minds and wills.

The majority of persons that know the truth are the ones that orchestrate the crime. The few legitimate victims that come to realize, only realize by being setup to generate the media stories that provide the covered up in the end, and no one knows the difference, not even the families because what is meant in Revelations by families turning against one another is that all crimes come down to families not care enough about their own, a

Few who have reason to be concerned, but it takes a higher level of critical thinking skills than most people care to know, our have the ability to recognize. 

Jesus said it best, seek and you shall find. That is the truth. 

Who cares to know the truth? 

Staged Suicide Coverups

by jessica leigh -collins

I suspect without doubt as a victim of the cases in media, that the reported suicides are only coverups for criminal associates of The United States Government.

I know for certain the Department of Justice and media have worked together to suppress me and my daughter as actual victims in these cases. 

One reason I presume with certainty that the alleged suicides are not murders, but staged deaths is because I am a witness to the coverup being exacted against me and my daughter. 

I have experienced first hand the DOJ fraud, and know that media reports have left out the most important facts, such as Epstein's ring being in Washington D.C. through The DC Madam.


University professor's Jeffrey Epstien and Brandy Britton are of the two alleged suicides, that have been spun into dramatic speculation of murder by media.

Deborah Palfrey dubbed "The DC Madam", was alleged to head a Washington DC escort service, however I know from first hand experience, it was a sex trafficking ring that operated through forced coercion by Government Officials, and cohorts, and was a part of  Jeffrey Epstien's ring. I was in fact trafficked to Epstien by the The DC Madam as an adult in 2002, causing the loss of my education from Catholic University, and furthered sex trafficking through coercion.

The DC Madam's death was reported as suicide, yet I found a person who called herself Jenny Moore that shows a remarkable resemblance to The DC Madam. Age and drug use may explain changes in her physical appearance, if they are in fact the same person.

Jenny Moore was reported to be a law enforcement officer with the Tracy Police Department in California, that had strong ties to the FBI. The town of Tracy is two hours from one of Deborah Palfrey’s modest homes in San Fransisco, the other she owned was in San Diego

Deborah Palfrey, aka The DC Madam, graduated from Rollins College in San Diego with a degree in criminal justice. I know she trafficked me to Jeffrey Epstein, and I suspect she was employed Ghislaine Maxwell for blackmail operations to control politicians.

I suspect Jenny Moore is the new identity given to Deborah Palfrey, after The DC Madam’s staged death. I attempted to contact her affiliate George Webb in the investigation of the murder of my daughter, when Jenny Moore was alleged to have died in a hotel fifteens minutes away from me. 

I was living in the RV me and my daughter lived in after she ran away from a Catholic Charities facility where I believe with evidence, she was the victim of a gang rape that was covered up. I returned to the East Coast from Portland, Oregon due to the hostility and danger caused by the police who refused to answer questions about the Russian that watched my daughter die with amnesia. 

I found George Webb on Your Tube speaking about topics relative to my experiences, and began to ask him questions about The DC Madam when he blocked me from commenting. 

George Webb later admitted on his broadcast that his female roommate held parties for Jeffrey Epstien. I know George Webb and Jenny Moore were in close contact, and I suspect they were roommates in the hotel where Jenny Moore died. I believe he was likely referring to Jenny Moore as his roommate, however he will not answer my questions. In fact no one in Government will give me any straight answers that they have that pertain to my life. 

Theodore Khleborod was a person from part of the former Soviet Union, arrested in connection with the murder of my daughter, and was alleged to have committed suicide in jail. He was a medical student studying to be a doctor in South Carolina who was charged in 2014 for firing multiple gun shots into a home. All charges were later dropped despite eye witnesses testimony. A felony conviction of a violent crime would have likely caused him permanent ejection from the United States.

Further, my investigations revealed potential in a social media post by Theodore Khleborod's girlfriend, Anna Barrero, that they were given United States citizenship on February 18. My daughter was murdered on February 16 according to the DOJ, however I believe her death actually occurred on February 15. The Department of Immigration has refused to provide the year of their granted citizenship, and I found in speaking to other victims of immigrant crime, it is common for U.S. Immigration and Customs to deny victims this information.

I question, as with the others, whether Theodore Khleborod was allowed to evade justice, and if so, whether he could potentially remain in the United States. He has ties to New Jersey and, if the alleged suicides are in fact fraud to coverup trafficking crime, and allow the evasion of criminals, that could potentially put me in danger very real and present danger. I was told by an attorney, who's name I shall add at a later date, that the Department of Justice is not protecting me by releasing my name in association with these arrests. Documentation of that release can be found in legal filings for the arrest of Theodore Khleborod. 

Alexandre Cazes was reported to be a Canadian arrested subsequent to Theodore Khleborod in relation to the murder of my daughter, who like Khleborod, also died of an alleged suicide in jail. He was reported to operate the largest online illicit sales markets, and although the site was shutdown by the Department of Justice, a WIRED magazine article shows his counter part, acting under the name DeSnake, has resurfaced after avoiding arrest. It's plausible that DeSnake could actually be Alexandre Cazes, if he was in fact allowed to evade justice in staged fraud.

I suspect with absolute certainty, [as I suspect with absolute certainty that God exists], that none of these coconspirators are dead, but are alive and well, due to the serious fraud committed against me by the Department of Justice to coverup the fact that my claims are true. It appears, the DOJ is one of the biggest threats to me, through the potential of another coverup to frame me as incompetent.

Jeffrey Epstein's ring did operate in Washington D.C., despite deliberate omission by media and the DOJ, and includes attorneys, doctors, media, some in Hollywood, the music industry, and many in the U.S. military. This is information I know from first hand experience, and have provided many points of corroborating evidence to the media, who recorded my evidence and in turn libeled me.

I have been isolated in life, known by few, except those that I was trafficked to, and have reason to suspect the few loose casual associates that I do have, may be prepared to provide false witness against me.

The media person Chris Dorsey is one of the less casual, recent acquaintance that befriend me in the investigation of my daughter’s murder. He act under deception to gain two years of intimate knowledge, that I presume may be used to misrepresent me, and provide additional further false witness, if there is ever any sort of trial. I suspect with good reason he is tied to trafficking operations through Government.

Joseph Auletta who has worked for the CIA as a contractor, and lead Project Blue Book. That was an operation that controlled what the public knew about military drone experiments. That is the psychological operation to fool people into belief in UFO’s. 

Joseph Auletta has continued to carry out the coerced sex trafficking of me over the past twenty years. He bought property in Accomack County, Virginia for me to live on after the murder of my daughter, where I was falsely arrested after being drugged and raped, four months after posting my testimony to the internet about Jeffrey Epstien, The DC Madam, and Joe Biden who trafficked me to Manzanillo, Mexico in 2003. 

Accomack County Officials have carried out fraud to jail me during the election of Joe Biden, for an alleged first time DWI. They dismissed the charge after one year of solitary confinement under a false accusation, suggested to them by Joseph Aluetta that I suffer from PTSD due to the murder of my daughter, however I am of sound mind, and am under no delusion. My claims cannot be refuted except under fraud. 

Likewise, it appears locals are profiting from criminal actions against me, to force me into homelessness which will cause further suppression of my testimony. Chincoteague Bay Trails End Inc. [see Retaliation Page] has refused to aid in investigations about who removed the privacy trees from the property while I was held as a political prisoner. There it is an obvious deliberate attempt to force me to sell the land, although documentation has been fabricated to cause it to appear the opposite. 

In a related event, days after I contacted the FBI about Jeffrey Epstein's ring, the man that abducted me, who worked for The DC Madam, called and threatened my life from prison. Two weeks after that, people from his hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia, bought the property behind me. 

Subsequently, the land was sold to persons from Pennsylvania. This is concerning due to the fact that the District Attorney Johnathan Luna, who drove me to Jeffrey Epstein for The DC Madam, was alleged to be murdered one year later, and his body was found 30 minutes from where the new property owners are from.  

It is not difficult to recognize why extensive efforts have been enacted to discredit my true testimony, and cause me tremendous harm. 

The truth in cases has been covered up by the DOJ, and misrepresented by media.

Although it may be difficult for people to recognize my claims as the truth, due to coverups, they only exist due to the serious nature of these crimes.

I do not wish to gain any fortune or fame for making these claims, I only wish for the truth to be told, and for me and my child to be vindicated of blame, and the false accusations that have been made against us as one.