United States Military Intelligence Sex Trafficking 

Trafficked by DC Madam to Jeffery Epstein, Joe Biden & Other Known Figures 

The reason I share my experience is to inform people of the truth.

The media and Department of Justice are lying about sex trafficking because they are covering up, and profiting from the crime.

Sex Trafficking is run by, and for United States Government Officials, and any criminal cohorts. 

They called me an "escort" however, it was never a choice. Coercion, fraud and force are some of the criminality used to traffic me. My education was stolen from The Catholic University of America, by Government Officials to trap me in their network. 

Now, I am subjected to retaliation for speaking out.

I was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein, Joe Biden and many others by “The DC Madam”. That case was a 2006 FBI coverup for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and their associated military run intelligence sex-trafficking ring. 

The FBI profited from my daughter, aisha Kathleen zughbieh-collins's murder and subsequent coverup.

I was held from 2020-2021 as a political prisoner in Virginia Beach under false charges to silence me through the election of Joe Biden.

Police Chief Ed Norris was involved in moving from Washington D.C. to an apartment in Maryland, where I was trafficked. After his criminal indictment and conviction he became an actor on the tv show The Wire.

Baltimore States Attorney Johnathan Luna, was allegedly murdered one year after driving me to Jeffrey Epstien and Andrew Windsor. 

In 2005 I visited Gloria Allred in Beverly Hills to seek help. I was told that I was a liability, and she would not take my case to free me. 

In 2003 President Joe Biden took me Manzanillo, Mexico for 5 days. 

Hours of video testimony was recorded by TruNews' Edward Szall on September 19, 2019. I was told I would receive a copy of this interview, however, once they had the video, I was kicked off the property and the video was never sent to me.