US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed


Jessica Leigh Collins

Jessica Leigh Collins is the Jeffrey Epstein victim behind the massive coverup that conceals the FBI and CIA run blackmail pedophile sex trafficking ring in Washington D.C. The media diverts attention away from Washington D.C., where Jessica exposed the connections of politicians to drug and sex trafficking using law enforcement nationwide. 

Jessica is being stalked by FBI and CIA agents, using false imprisonment by police force, under legal fraud to suppress her from speaking out. Erasure of her testimony threatens removal of the truth from public knowledge.

Aisha Kathleen Zughbieh-Collins, Jessica Leigh Collins' daughter, a first-generation Palestinian-American is the underage victim of President Joesph Biden, who was raped, murdered, and covered up by media. 

Jessica and Aisha are victims covered-up in numerous national and international news stories. The hidden connections between these stories, reveals the massive media and government's lies. 

The implausibility of coincidencesproves the United States is operating an authoritarian regime without accountability –akin to Nazi's.

Sex trafficking victims who speak out, are falsely imprisoned using legal and psychiatric fraud.

Jessica has proven her daughter, Aisha Kathleen Zughbieh-Collins, a first-generation Palestinian-American, is the underage victim of President Joesph Biden covered-up by massive United States officials fraud. 

As a result, Jessica and Aisha are covered-up under defamation, omissions, and ensure of the proof. However, the U.S. Government continues crimes furthering a communist agenda.

Aisha's murder is the reason for the Jeffery Epstein coverup. Jessica's early escape attempt is the related 'DC Madam' coverup. 

The authoritarian corruption saturates every facet of United States media and courts without exception. Jessica and Aisha's cases are proven beyond any doubt. They are covered-up because the facts affect everyone's freedom.

False declarations of insanity are declared are baseless. Jessica's lawsuits against official corruption proved their corruption.

Millions in public support are removed by terminated accounts in efforts by the United States government to continue to coverup the proof. 

DC Madam, Political Figures & Jeffrey Epsteins Connection

Militarized Political-Media Coverup of US Government Sex Trafficking

I was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein, Joe Biden and many others by “The DC Madam”. That case was a 2006 FBI coverup for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and their associated military run intelligence sex-trafficking ring. 

The FBI profited from my daughter, aisha Kathleen zughbieh-collins's murder and subsequent coverup.

I was held from 2020-2021 as a political prisoner under false charges to silence me through the election of Joe Biden because he trafficked me to Manzanillo, Mexico in 2003. more

DC Madam is Coverup of Epsteins Ring

Suicide Coverups are Criminal Evasion 

Six Connected Staged Suicides

I suspect without doubt as a victim of cases in media, that the reported suicides are completely fabricated events. 

I know for certain the Department of Justice and media worked together to suppress me and my daughter as actual victims of these cases. 

I am certain that the alleged suicides are coverups is because me and my daughter are victims of these crimes

I have experienced first hand the DOJ fraud, and know that media reports have left out the most important facts, such as Epstein's ring being in Washington D.C. through The DC Madam. more

Victims are Covered Up by Media

Testimony of Actual Epstein Victim

CIA Hides Sex Trafficking Truth

Joseph Auletta is the CIA agent who trafficked me for Epstein's ring. He bought me property in Virginia after my daughter, who was an underage Epstein victim, was murdered. Aluetta moved from his ABQ home of twenty years when sent intent to sue to prove facts. 

Joe Biden Trafficked Me to Mexico in 2003

Recreation of testimony about Joe Biden recorded by TruNews and stolen for profit. Joe Biden took me to Manzanillo, Mexico connected to Epstein's ring in 2003 to a resort booked under newly weds 

Scheme to Make Epstein Victim Homeless and Prevent Documentary

Chincoteague Bay Trails End HOA, near NASA Wallops Island, VA gang stalk Jeffrey Epstein victim in top down money making scheme to silence victims testimonial book and documentary.

US Government & Media Coverup Truth

Underage Victim Murder Coverup by Media & DOJ

The victims shown by main stream media not victims. They are the ones who trafficked underage victims. Aisha an actual victim was murdered. FBI profited 24 million dollars from the coverup. Aishas murder was purported to be an accident. 

Victims are Abused by US Gov't

Jeffrey Epstein victims are abused and controlled by US Government. Actual victims are covered up for profit of the media.

Continuous Attacks Every Election Year 2020 & 2024 by Government & Media for Speaking Out 

2020 False Arrest/ Imprisonment Proven Racketeering Fraud to Defame by False Insanity Decleration in Trial Without Defendant

Murder Setup of Jessica Leigh Collins by Joseph Auletta and Chris Dorsey


Urgently Seeking Legal Aid for Ongoing Epstein Abuse Coverup

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