US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

United States Military Intelligence Sex Trafficking 

Trafficked by The DC Madam to Jeffery Epstein, Joe Biden & Other Prominent Figures 

The media and Department of Justice are lying about sex trafficking because they are involved. They create stories to coverup the crime, and feature the perpetrators in the news. They control the narrative about who is a victim, and deny real victims court trails. 

The sex trafficking I experienced in Washington D.C. is run by United States Government Officials, for United States Government Officials. more

The DC Madam and Political Figures

Militarized Political-Media Coverup of US Government Sex Trafficking

I was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein, Joe Biden and many others by “The DC Madam”. That case was a 2006 FBI coverup for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and their associated military run intelligence sex-trafficking ring. 

The FBI profited from my daughter, aisha Kathleen zughbieh-collins's murder and subsequent coverup.

I was held from 2020-2021 as a political prisoner under false charges to silence me through the election of Joe Biden because he trafficked me to Manzanillo, Mexico in 2003. more

Staged Suicides 

Six Related Staged Suicides

I suspect without doubt as a victim of the cases in media, that the reported suicides are only coverups for criminal associates of The United States Government.

I know for certain the Department of Justice and media have worked together to suppress me and my daughter as actual victims in these cases. 

One reason I presume with certainty that the alleged suicides are not murders, but staged deaths is because I am a witness to the coverup being exacted against me and my daughter. 

I have experienced first hand the DOJ fraud, and know that media reports have left out the most important facts, such as Epstein's ring being in Washington D.C. through The DC Madam. more

Victim's Perspective

Victims are Abused for Benefit of Military Intelligence

People don't realize the United States Government operates sex trafficking rings using innocent people.

Police Chief Ed Norris was indicted for his involvement with the DC Madam. Washington DC, and Maryland State Police moved me "for my protection"  away from my University in Washington D.C. to an apartment in College Park, Maryland.


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