US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

September 23, 2021 WIRED magaArticle 


FEBRUARY 13, 2022

This article from WIRED magazine supports my claims and shows why I have cause for concern. 

There is serious likelihood that the Russian's connected to my daughter's murder are still walking free.

Alexandre Cazes was alleged to be the operator of Alphabay, and was reported to have committed suicide in a Thailand jail, identical to Jeffrey Epstein, and Theodore Klheborod, who is the Russian that delivered the drugs used to kill my daughter. 

DeSnake, was alleged to be the second operator of Alphabay and somehow evaded international police forces, however I suspect behind all reasonable doubt that his alleged partner Alexandre Cazes, was never murdered and did not commit suicide.

DeSnake has denied accusations of obvious ties to Russia, however I  know for certain that two Russians were directly connected to connected to my daughters murder that shutdown Alphabay. Robert Anthony Boroja is the Russian who faked amnesia in order to watch her die without culpability.

Theodore Khleborod, from New Jersey, and living in South Carolina at the time, is the one that delivered the drug that were used to kill her.

I remain in danger due to the criminal Government that I am certain has covered-up these crimes by staging deaths of culprits in order to continue to traffic drugs, weapons, and people for sex and other illicit activity, such child rape and snug films, in addition to hacking tools to be used against innocent Americans.