US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Victim's Perspective

Victims are Abused for Benefit of Military Intelligence


People don't realize the United States Government operates sex trafficking rings against innocent people that become trapped through coercion.

Police Chief Ed Norris was indicted for his involvement with the DC Madam. Washington DC, and Maryland Police moved me "for my protection"  away from my University in Washington D.C. to an apartment in College Park, Maryland.

After Norris was conviction he became an actor on the tv show called The Wire.

Baltimore States Attorney Johnathan Luna, was alleged to be murdered one year after driving me to Jeffrey Epstien and Andrew Windsor in Bethesda, Maryland. 

In 2005 I visited Gloria Allred in Beverly Hills . I was told that I was a liability, and she would not take my case. Today her and her daughter claim to represent Epstien victims. I know they don't.

In 2003 President Joe Biden took me Manzanillo, Mexico for a five day trip. 

I posted video testimony of the details after an independent internet news channel recorded hours of testimony and libeled me in a Memorandum.

They stated they would not provide me with a copy of my interview after. They paid for my hotel, however once they recorded my testimony, I was asked to leave their property and was told a copy would be sent to me. It was never sent to me as they promised. 

Ed Szall reporter for TruNews is an Army veteran. Many journalist are military intelligence agents, however most people don't know this. 


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