US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed


After my daughter was murdered, and the Government denied the truth about the circumstances, I began to research our past because I knew something was wrong. I went back to the point where things fell apart starting with the alleged "work" I did for The DC Madam. The first thing that happened was when I asked a woman why she called escorting, trafficking. She stated that is what she preferred to call it now. Later, I found articles by a journalist called Wayne Madsen, who wrote about the DC Madam and some of her associates. I contacted Wayne to find out how he knew about the people I was trafficked to, why he left some people out, and what he thought of the picture I sent him of the woman called Nikki French who I believe its Melania trump. Nikki French was trafficked along side me in Washington D.C. in 2002-2004. She was highly promoted on the website The Erotic Review when she came into D.C. Wayne did not comment. He left out Andrew Windsor, Jeffrey Epstien, Joe Biden among others, were so called "clients" in 2002-03. 

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October 2002

_____, 2005 

September 03, 2019

Answered ad unknowingly for The DC Madam placed in The City Paper for Washington D.C. 

Fled to California when Attorney Samuel Perkins made arrangements to take me London for a opera.

Produced video testimony on You Tube to attest that The DC Madam (aka Deborah Palfrey) trafficked me to Andrew Windsor and Jeffrey Epstein in 2002, for the reason that after I called the FBI to report these facts, as they instructed the public, my car was hit in a parking lot by a USAA members of the U.S. military. I was afraid that if I did not share my witness testimony with the public the information would be covered up by media and the Department of Justice if something happened to me. 

September 06, 2019 

Contacted by Joe Galvin of Storyful, a media intelligence agency that manages brand reputation for elite and contributes to the Washington Post and New York Post.