A Real Victim's Perspective

December 11, 2021

December 11, 2021

Today, I watch the news stories, knowing without doubt they are fake. Real victims are not being represented. I have been retaliated against for speaking out. I have been suppressed by media and abused by the Department of Justice. 

I was jailed for a year after I posted testimony on You Tube detailing when Joe Biden took me to Mexico in 2003. You Tube permanently banned the channel while I was held as a political prisoner to silence me during 2020 election.

The charges were false. I was assaulted by four people at a grocery store. Approximately 90 minutes before that I was drugged and raped by their friend that sells drugs at the grocery store with support of Accomack County Police. He lured me to his home to look at his tattoo work. I was considering getting a memorial tattoo for the third year passing of my daughter. 

Since that day, January 24, 2019 I have been abused by law enforcement. The Judge of the case signed fraudulent documents attesting I was present for hearings that were held without my presence and knowledge.

The original trial when I was jailed, was held without witnesses due to the COIVD-19. I recorded the trial, and found seven of the eight hours were deleted. Police and witness lied, and some of them admitted to crime on the record. 

Judge Gordon Vincent and Virginia State Governor Northam's brother, Thomas Northam, as well as Virginia State Senator Lynwood Lewis owned a law firm together -Vincent, Northam & Lewis. I handled the case myself, and stood trial without witnesses against approximately thirty persons that wished to incriminate and jail me.   

Owners of local businesses destroyed my car and property, leaving me without transportation, and privacy. 

They are currently attempting to steal my property to force me back into sex trafficking. This is the way sex trafficking works, despite the sensational stories by media meant to control peoples perception. 

I have a CIA handler that is a retired Air Force physicist. He is connected to nefarious activity by the United States Government, and has trafficked me to elite through Military Intelligence Operations.

After I was imprisoned as a literal political prisoner in solitary confinement under false charges for a year in a consorted effort to defame and discredit me, I returned to my home to find trees removed from my property, and a home being constructed on a constructed hill on the property behind me threatening to make me homeless by destruction of my property.