US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed


Chincoteague Bay Trails End Association 

Before 2019  Silenced in Jail for Elections

After 2021 - Return of Political Prisoner

Theft of Property and Home

While I was silenced in jail under false charges for the election of Joe Biden May 30, 2020 -April 29, 2021, the trees were cut down on my property. All the privacy was removed from the back and side yards. The HOA defended the owners constructing a home on the lots behind me, and the county allowed massive grade changes. The HOA told me to file a lawsuit, however that's not an option with judges that jailed me knowing I was innocent and a victim of Epstein's.

My property has been damaged since the grade change occurred. When I refused to sell the property at a low ball price, my RV began to leak. My CIA handler Joesph Auletta remained unavailable the majority of this time. He is withholding money to make any repairs or flee from the abusive community. He is aiding in the attempts to force me to become homelessness after he purchased this property, and held me in jail through elections. I have insisted he cease contact, and release me from his control however, he refuses, and instead, demands I agree to a role reversal that I dismisses his crime.  

Two weeks after the person that abducted me for the DC Madam, called me and threatened my life from prison, a man from his hometown bought the lots behind me. The man that abducted me in 2002, claims to be a blood relative of Jerry Falwell's, a pastor that started Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. When he called, he stated he wanted to kill me because he found out I was talking about what he did.  



Defamation by Media

Many people don't realize media is infiltrated, and run by Military Intelligence Officers, Many are disgusted as plain-clothed independent You Tubers. I found this out by contacting countless individuals that professed to be truthers. Because I am telling the truth I am able to eliminate ones that shown no interest in the truth I shared. The ones that contacted me, like Ed Opperman, Laura Loomer, Ed Szall, Ronan Farrow, and Chris Dorsey all turned to to be gathering information to use to defame me rather than help.

To be continued....  

State and County Agency Abuse and Retaliation

Government Agencies Used Against Trafficked Victims

County agencies have used against me and my family since as early as I can remember back to 1995, and likely as child in Montgomery County, Maryland where I grew up next to Washington D.C.

They've ousted me and my children from found stable housing. Setup false criminals charges to institute forced control. Raped me, beat me, drugged me against my will. 

It may sound ludicrous, and unfounded to anyone who has no reason to distrust the Government, however my statements are no exaggeration. The State has wreaked havoc in my life without good cause. I suspect Joseph Auletta, the CIA Handler who has trafficked me for twenty years, was behind a lot of this County and State abuse. 

To be continued....  

*Please be patient as this site in under construction and return for updates. The best place for information and updates in Twitter link.  These facts are intended for my book, however that has been made impossible due to the retaliation for speaking out.