US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Jenny Moore Suspect Deborah Palfrey aka The DC Madam

Tracy Police Department Facebook Website Recording 

Luckily, for me I saved the Tracy Police Departments Facebook Website Showing Jenny Moore's Death Notice on their Facebook Page. It has since February 15, 2022 not been accessible.


George Webb Admits Epstein Connection

Webbs Roommate 

Who was George Webbs roommate? 

Was it Jenny Moore the woman with a You Tube channel called Task Force "investigating" "Pizza Gate"?

Jenny Moore and George Webb found together in photographs seem to suggest, they were in close contact. 

Jenny Moore allegedly died in the Country Inn where I was patched through to his room when I called the from desk of the hotel where he was staying 15 minutes away from my home. 

Jenny Moore strikes an eery resemblance to Deborah Palfrey, aka The DC Madam. 

Photographs of All Three

Deborah Palfrey vs. Jenny Moore

George Webb and Jenny Moore 

@GeorgWebb was filling me, up to February 15, 2022 when I block him today. I didn't realize it was the same account. I had commented and asked where "George Webb" if that is his actual name, perhaps relation to Whitney Webb who is also covering up known facts of Epstein victims, is a relative. 

Pictured are "Jenny Moore", and George Webb posted to his Twitter account August 14, 2018.