US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed


Urgently Seeking Legal Aid for Ongoing Epstein Abuse Coverup

Dear Attorneys,

I am Jessica Leigh Collins, and I am seeking legal representation due to my central role as the victim in both the Jeffrey Epstein and DC Madam cases. I am a victim of Epstein's trafficking network, which extends to high-ranking officials, including President Joseph Biden. My daughter Aisha, was murdered in 2017 due to her potential to speak out, and I have sought justice, ever since, however have come under relentless attacks.

These false accusations have intensified the serious dangers I face, further undermining my life after speaking out. Individuals within U.S. law enforcement, including former Maryland Police Chief Edward Norris, are implicated in my trafficking to Epstein. On February 2, 2024, Joseph Auletta, my CIA handler, threatened my life and has replicated the setup he planned, leading to my daughter's murder. Samuel Perkins, a partner at Steptoe and Johnson LLC, the law firm representing Jeffrey Epstein in 2008, also played a significant role in my trafficking over two decades.

Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Virginia Roberts are co-conspirators who have used bribery, blackmail, and fraud to conceal their crimes. I assert this based on empirical knowledge. Their concealment aims to obscure my identity as the victim who spoke out, which is essential to expose the truth in the media and court cases.

Previous attorneys, including Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, Edward Bradley, and David Boise, were unwilling to delve further into the matter. My life is in danger due to false charges filed by Maryland Sheriff Joseph Gamble, a former employee of Edward Norris.

I seek legal representation to protect my rights, safety, and to reveal the truth that remains hidden within these cases. The stress caused by the coverup has taken a toll on my health, and despite owning a home, I've been forced into hiding to safeguard my evidence and personal safety. I implore all attorneys to recognize the gravity of the forced sex trafficking that I have endured.

The urgency of my situation cannot be overstated. This letter provides a summary of my current circumstances sent to attorney who prove complicity or regard for justice. Please contact me via email at 

Sincerely, /s/ Jessica Leigh Collins