US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Joe Allbritton

Owner of Washington DC City Paper and Politico

Joe Allbritton Raped my Daughter when she was Five 

In 2003, Joe Allbritton was closely involved with trafficking me. He claimed he was from Greece, and the reason I know the man that he claims is his son, who now owns Politico, is not his son, is because I was at his condo in the Washington DC area near my apartment in College Park, MD. Joe and his wife Barbara was there, and their daughter ______ who is now a dermatologist near Chevy Chase, Maryland. She was there when Joe Albritton has my children stay with him... back

Prescient Knowledge

How Do I Know What I Know - Why Does No One Help?

After I named Joe Allbritton as the man that raped my daughter at age five (5), I searched to see if he lived in the D.C. area because no one would help me. It didn't make sense, there had to be a reason for this occurrence.

I was, and still am in complete dismay at the non-existence of assistance to aid dissemination of the information I know, and many on-looker that allow continued retaliation and abuse to occur. I know I am telling the truth, therefore there is a different reason for this.

Due to the fact that I am telling the truth and no one will afford me the ability to share my first hand accounts in peace, which would be complete at this point if it were not for the political imprisonment and subsequent theft of my time due tp actual physically created distraction around me. I began to research my own claims to find out if I was wrong, and I found that my claims are only further supported by facts available to the public online.

If any were able to access the truth of what I state, they would see through all my online searches, that made my claims, and then did research to find out why no one cared. I know people care about the facts I sager because it affects them just as much as me, therefore I surmise that it is reasonable to presume based on first hand experiences, that the overwhelming majority of people following me on Twitter, and the media that contact me, are minors than likely selling my information so that the truth and evidence may be covered up. The truth I proclaim is enough to identify the culprits of mass world wide crimes against humanity, and if my case was proven true, each of these individuals would be held accountable to me and the public at a large.

I fi, and indeed he was documented as living in the Washington D.C. 

The reason I am able to identify the discrepancies and pertinent information about Joe Allbritton regarding sex trafficking in the United States that me and my children are victims of, is because I am telling the truth and have first hand knowledge. 

I presume based on good reason that journalist and the majority of on lookers at the 

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