US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Introduction Continued


I started to research our past because there was a distinct point at which things went wrong. I began looking into alleged "work" I did for The DC Madam. When I read a woman comment calling escorting trafficking instead I inquired. She stated that is what she preferred to call it now. As I looked into the legal definition of the crime, the realization of what happened to me started to sink in. 

I found articles by a journalist named Wayne Madsen. He wrote about the DC Madam and some of her associates. I contacted Wayne to find out how he knew about the people I was trafficked to, and why he left out people. I sent him the photo of the woman called Nikki French who was trafficked along side me in D.C. who I believe is Melania trump to get his opinion. Wayne did not comment. 

Wayne left out many so-called important I saw including Joe Biden, Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew Windsor, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden. I realize calming the I saw these people, may cause people that are not informed to think I am lying, mistaking or crazy, however, I am of sound mind and stand by each of my claims. Unfortunately, for me people are being lied to by the media as though it is only a Hollywood production. 

Speaking out has tuned my life upside down, or right side up as I see it now, but it is costing me everything. I do not speak out for fame or money. I believe I am owed recompense, however I am under no delusion that shall come. They have taken things from they cannot replace, and as one would expect from Epstein and Maxwell ring, I have been punished severely for speaking out. 

It is very sad that I am telling the truth, and being abused to a degree that most people can not fathom. Many people have come to my aid, only to take advantage in order to gather information to disposed of. 

I pray to God that I am able to write a book, and not from a prison cell due to the absolute corruption of the media and Government, so that I can explain all this. I profoundly believe that if the people hear the truth from my mouth, or hand they it will strike them as nothing but the truth. I believe the truth is self-evident, when people are able to analyze it for themselves. 

For that reason, the people who trafficked me, and the people I was trafficked to, do not wish for people to know I am telling the truth. They have exacted some of the worse crime I couldn't imagine they could get away with against me. There are many people that know I am telling the truth, and many people who were as important as the ones I have named. I can describe them and the situation, but I have no way or knowing who they were. They carried themselves in an identical way to the ones that I could find in media and on the internet and name. 

My objective in this is based in my belief that the truth one of the most important things next to family. I don't profit or benefit from this in anyway, it is quite the opposite. However, my story will never change from these facts, and I pray somehow I am vindicated although that is unlikely given the current state of affairs. Things are much worse than they may think. I am doing my part my telling the truth, and hoping for a miracle, but Jesus Christ wasn't spared, and my experience in life proves to me the best amount us appear as the least.  

*Please be patient as this site in under construction and return for updates. The best place for information and updates in Twitter link.  These facts are intended for my book, however that has been made impossible due to the retaliation for speaking out.