US Military Intel Sex Trafficking Op Exposed

Forced Sale of Property

Someone else's sign who was likewise threatened

Return Home From Political Imprisonment

Upon return home, from political imprisonment for the 2020 election of Joe Biden forced by  Joseph Auletta of the United States Air Force, and contractor for the CIA, aided by Accomack County Department of Justice, I found all my privacy trees removed from my property.

Photos show the clearing of my land, and regrowth once I returned, versus what thing looked like before I was held under false charges. 

Since, I have done little else than deal with the constant threats to my property and home by forces outside my control. 

The HOA at Chincoteague Bay Trails End continues to evade direct questions in support of efforts to oust me from my home. 

I am being picked apart like a dead animal by vultures on my own property by people and persons that are not held accountable to the law. 

Threatened/ Cut Down Tree Over Christmas

On December 22, 2021 the Contractor for the Klines altered the surveyors documented property line. The man remains nameless due to Accomack County refusal to provide building permits required on Dec. 03

The timing of the tree removal over Christmas was intended to add pressure and upset due to the corruption, and repeated violations. 

May 04, 2021, photos show the property line on the day I returned home from political imprisonment staked out in the middle of the Holly bush and Oak/Maple tree that were already damaged and destroyed. 

December 22, 2021 photos show the altered property line was to include the Oak/Maple Tree. 

Chincoteague Bay Trails End HOA, and Accomack County Building and Zoning refused to conduct inspection of the altered property line. Instead I was told to get a $500 property survey although I have no plans to remove any tree or apply for construction permits.

CBTEA manager Julie Smith refused to answer yes or no questions. Chris Guvernator Accomack County Building Manager responded with disregard, and all refused to supervise contract to prevent further property theft and damages.

It is possible they have all omitted information that they're aware of to cause further upset over the tress that were stolen from my property while I was jailed for elections. 

Regardless of intent or omitted information required to live in peace, the HOA, Accomack County and Joseph Aluetta have combined to cause irreparable damage and extraordinary harm since I spoke out.

Altered Property Line 

Survey documents do match reality. Nor does the line moved three times by the contractor.  

CBTEA, Accomack County, and Joseph Aluetta aided in all this theft under a thin veil of plausible deniability but are still responsible for these crimes against me and their part. 

HOA manager Julie Smith refuses to answer simple questions. 

Ms. John Kline has threatened more property for speaking out about these crimes.

Regardless of  their deception the truth of what they are doing is obvious. 

Joseph Aluetta has played the lead role in these crimes against me, and intended through his own refusal to aid in reparations of property, to wrongly place the blame for the issues on myself. 

Auletta claims he cannot hire a surveyor for every reason he can find. He refuted photographic evidence in support of John Kline, and still actually refuses to address the issues in order to force the sale of my property. 

He is careful to make documented statement that make it appear as if he is helping, however in actual reality he does nothing of the sort. This is the same coercion and force that has been used to traffic me, and I presume others. 

The difficulties on property are intentional. Joseph Aluetta coerced the initial purchase against my better judgement. He refuses to be honest about his knowledge and intentionally omits information to control the outcome. 

He is a master of deception which is why he was in charge of what the public knew in Project Blue Book. The HOA was run by fellow Air Force Veteran, and Congressional candidate for Arizona when I was written out of residency after purchase. 

I am applaud by the people and persons allowing this to happen to me as a direct result of telling the ruth about criminal operations from an eye witness account. 

One of Many Ignored Emails by the County, and HOA

Many email have been written to Accomack County, CBTEA HOA and Joseph Auletta. The one that contain incriminating facts are completely ignored, while the crime against me and my property continues. 

Others were threaded to be made homeless by corrupt and selective enforcement of CBTEA HOA force and intimidation, but most were granted special permission to stay because the new enforcement of the rule was meant to control me by profit to Chincoteague Bay Trails End Association Inc. 

*Please be patient as this site in under construction and return for updates. The best place for information and updates in Twitter link.  These facts are intended for my book, however that has been made impossible due to the retaliation for speaking out.