Overwhelming Media Fraud 

January 12, 2022

January 12, 2022

Due to my experiences I know the news is propaganda. The truth is much more obvious and easier to realize. I do not believe the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) abuse exists as it is expressed in media. I know without doubt pedophilia exists and is perpetrated against sex trafficked victims, as me and my daughter are both victims. I surmise the major of sex trafficked victims are gained through the court system. Poor people are detained for years without crime (an act that causes another injury) and their children taken to provide sex trafficked victims. CPS is an agency that profits from the trafficking of children. I believe the main problem created for elite and politicians in the prevalent sex trafficking crimes, is in the adultery threatens them with financial ruin. It is evident to me that many young people are being trafficked on the internet, as I was by Jeffrey Epstein's ring. The riches objective is to isolate and market the lower class for sex. Those that participate in sex trafficking are in serious denial of the damage to their victims. 

Many industries support the sex trafficking of victims in actual satanic fashion. The Courts for starters are unjust blatant acts of violence against innocent people. The crimes of pedophiles and elite are buried behind their walls. The psychological community is another fraud perpetrated against victims to excuse the crimes of criminals. CPS and Government welfare systems are used against victims in covert operations unbeknownst to the target. 

Because I am certain of that which I speak it is most probable further setups are being arranged against me. The State and supporters of sex trafficking fraud in media have attempted to frame me as a lunatic. The problem is that if anyone hears me speak, or pays attention to my rationale, it is obvious I am consistent, unaltering in my testimony, and lucid. 

The very unfortunate thing, is that everything I say and a longer list of perpetrators can be proven, however the proof is detained and buried by the Justice Department. I am sad to report that the man that abducted me for The DC Madam stole my children baby pictures/videos, my own childhood photographs from when I was an infant to teen, along with the original ad I answered that was place in The City Paper for Washington D.C. by Jeffrey Epstein's ring. 

If people wished to know the truth, the United States Government must be held accountable first. Until then all their crimes shall remained buried, and their crimes against humanity shall increase. 

I was tried under false charges on May 30, 2020 behind closed doors. People that wish to hold the Government accountable, already have enough evidence in my one case to dissolve its authority, which is why there has been such a huge effort to silence me, and cover the truth up with staged media fraud.  

The reason there is a remarkable difference between me and other purported victims, is due to the fact that anyone who is telling the truth is being retaliated against.